Our principles of integrity are central to our mission and are expressed through an unwavering commitment to do our very best for our patients, our communities and our people.

Giovanni Caforio, M.D., Chief Executive Officer

How we do business

is as important to us as the patients we serve, the people who make it all possible and the communities where we live and work. Our mission and commitment, combined with our Principles of Integrity, serve as the foundation of our culture and how we do business. The Principles reflect who we are and provide a common framework for how we interact with our colleagues, our patients, our partners and our global community. They are a part of every business decision we make.

standards of Business Conduct and Ethics

Principles of Integrity

Scientific and Research Integrity

We are committed to scientific excellence in biopharmaceutical research and development to advance innovative, high-quality medicines that address the unmet medical needs of patients with serious diseases. We conduct research and development with uncompromised ethical integrity and consistent with applicable laws, regulations and practice guidelines, including Good Clinical Practices and Good Animal Welfare Practices.

Investing in the Safety of Our Workplace

clinical trial Diversity

Building Diversity In Clinical Trials

Global Support

Bristol-Myers Squibb partners with patient advocacy groups around the world to help provide education, information and support to people battling serious diseases.


Provided over $30 million in support to over 440 organizations globally


Provided over $46 million in support to over 530 organizations globally

Patient Engagement Network

Giving Voice to Patients

At Bristol-Myers Squibb we have a commitment to uncompromising ethics and integrity, and this commitment guides every decision we make.