culture of safety

Investing in the Safety of Our Workplace

A strong safety culture is a fundamental part of how we work across our company. To build an effective safety culture, we believe it’s important that supervisors proactively talk about safety with their teams and emphasize that personal safety is an important value to our organization. Some of these discussions can be challenging since they may address needed changes in behavior.

In 2014, the company implemented a program called STOP™ for Supervision, from Dupont, that focuses on workplace observations and conducting meaningful conversations about safety. “Discussions either reinforce and reward existing safe behavior, or identify changes that would be a mutually agreed upon improvement. We have an aspiration of zero injuries and we’re working toward that goal in many ways every day,” says Will Fleming, head of Safety.

The STOP™ program provides a system to track safety discussions, and over 3,300 conversations were recorded in 2015.

“Investing in our supervisors to help all colleagues work safer is a benefit to everyone,” says Joe Sasso, Environment, Health & Safety lead business partner to Global Manufacturing and Supply. “We’re building important skills in our teams that will help us in our commitment to zero injuries.”

. . . we have an aspiration of zero injuries and we're working toward that goal in many ways every day.